PAN Card Correction Process UTI PSA Login

PAN Card Correction Process UTI PSA Login – Do you want to know about how PAN card correction is done from UTIITSL PSA Site, then how can you know.

In today’s article, how is UTI PSA ID registration done, as well as how you can fill PAN Card Correction Form with that. What documents are required for PAN card correction, how to make payment for PAN card correction, etc. are going to talk about all the issues.

Utiitsl PSA Login page id and password

If you want to create this ID by yourself then how to create it, you can add coupon in UTI PSA site to apply pan card as well as why coupon is bought what happens with coupon to know all about it The ones are |

Step 1:- You can visit this link for New PSA Login ID Registration.

Step 2: – Here you have to fill some details of PAN card and Aadhaar card like – full name, state name, address, mobile number, email address, Aadhaar number, PAN number, area pin code, account type. Fill it, to register this UTI PSA Retailer ID, you will have to pay a charge of Rs 99, in this you will get P Coupon rate Rs 98, E Coupon rate will be Rs 70, then you can apply Unlimited Lifetime New PAN as well One can also fill the PAN card correction form, if you make a mistake in the PAN form, you can edit it through

UTI PSA ID Activation Process

Step 3: – Then you will get User and Password, per login, after login you will get to see like this.

Step 4:- The balance of your Retailer ID will be Rs-99, so you have to add Rs. 100 to eWallet, for this you can go to Wallet Manager > QR Pay Collect, your balance will be added.

Step 5:- When you add ID Cost 99 Rupees in eWallet, then you have to click on your Username, Menu Bar will open, in that you have to click on PSA ID Activation Button, then you have to click on below Activation Button, Then the ID of UTI PSA Login Site will be activated.

Step 6:- To apply for PAN Card, you have to add Coupon in UTI PSA Login Site, one Pan Card will be applied from one Coupon, One Coupon Price will be Rs 98, you have to add this balance in eWallet,

then you will get Coupon You have to go to Manager > Coupon Purchase, you have to fill 1 Number in Coupon Qty, after that the Purchase Now Button will be transferred to PSA Site per Coupon.

Something like this you can register and activate New UTI PSA ID, if you are facing any problem then you can do UTI MY PAN Center Team Whats_App Num_ber 9672 564 095 per Chatting.


PAN Card Correction Process UTI PSA Login

Do you also want to make corrections in your or customer’s PAN card from online UTI PSA site then how do you know? Today this article is going to give me complete information –

Step 1:- To apply PAN card correction form, first of all open this website in your browser

Step 2:- Login to your with the same user and password you have logged in with, this will happen only when your PSA ID is activated after registering. After entering your username and password and the code in the image, click on the Login button.

Step 3:- Clicking on Available E-Coupon Per will display Coupon here, if you have bought Coupon from this website, then if you have not bought Coupon yet, then buy it quickly because you will not be able to get PAN without Coupon. Card form cannot be filled,

because payment is not deducted online on this UTI PSA ID, because it has Coupon System, there is no Payment System, so you will get 1 Coupon from 98 Rupees, then with that one Coupon you can apply for a PAN Card |

Step 4:- Option to improve PAN card will be seen from the home page under the name of CSF Services.

Step 5:- CSF PAN Form With this option, you can fill the PAN card correction form, after filling the CSF PAN Form, that form will be visible in the Upload CSF Document option, then you will have to click on Upload CSF Batch.

Step 6: – Enter your 10 digit PAN number in Permanent Account Number (PAN), select the option with both Physical PAN Card and e-PAN.

Step 7:- Select SHRI (Male) or SMT (Female) in Select Title, Enter Last name, Enter First name, Middle name, If not then you can leave blank, Enter Father Last Name,

With Enter First name Middle Name only if you have it then enter Date of Birth after that. Gender will be auto selected as you select title, after filling some important information scroll down the page.

Step 8:- If you want to improve any name or date of birth, then you enter the correct information in that Filed Option, then tick the box in red color next to it, if you improve the name, then you will see Mismatched with ITD. If it is found, then you are changing the name, so that box has to be ticked. You just have to tick the box which you want to change.

Step 9:- Tick Photo Mismatch and Signature Mismatch, Select Residence in Address for Communication Mode, then enter father’s name or house number in the first box,

enter your village or city name in Village, enter Post Office Name , Enter Taluka Name, Enter District Name in District Name, Select State Name, Enter Pin Code of your area in Zip Code.

Step 10:- Select India in Telephone / ISD Code, Enter Mobile Number, Tick the Box if you want to update, Enter Email ID, Enter Aadhaar Number, Enter Name as per Aadhar Name, I/We Box Click in, Select Himself in Capacity, Enter the number of documents in I/We have enclosed as many documents as you want to upload.

Step 11: – Enter the name of your city in Place Name, Identity Proof, Address Proof, DOB Proof – – Select AADHAAR CARD, Select only if PAN Copy is there in PAN Proof, otherwise you can select No Document.

Step 12:- If you are changing Father’s name then you will get to see a Special Option then you have to click on Submit Button.

Step 13:- Then you will get the PAN card correction receipt, you can take a print out of it and keep it, it will help you to check the status of PAN card.

Step 14:- You have just filled the online PAN card correction form, now you have to take a print out of the filled PAN card and upload the documents.

Step 15:- Now you click on Generate CSF PAN Application, now you enter Coupon Number then click on Submit Button.

Step 16:- When you will get the PAN card correction form, you have to put photo and signature in it, then you have to upload the document in PAN card pdf.

Step 17:- Click on the option of Upload CSF Document.

Step 18:- Here you will have Coupon Number Display as well as the name of PAN Card holder, now you have to click on Upload File Button, by clicking on PAN Form, create PDF of PAN Card Form + Document and upload it in less than 2 MB size, Upload the photo of PAN card holder in Picture, upload Sign in Signature, then click on Upload Button.

Step 19:- Upload Photo in Photo Resize and download it by clicking on Download Photo button, similarly you can resize the sign, then you can upload the downloaded Photo and Sign from here, by doing this you can Error can be avoided.

Step 20:- Click on the button with Generate CSF Batch.

Step 21: – Here you will have Coupon Number Display, now you have to select this Coupon and click on Submit Button.

Step 22:- Then Generate Batch Display will be done in front of you, this is the final step, now your PAN card correction work is completed, now you have to wait for few days and check PAN Card Status.

Here’s how you can fill the PAN card correction form, hope you have got all the information, if you have any doubts, you can contact our team pan-card-correction-online-pan-card-name-change-pan-card-dob-change/ You can watch Live Video by clicking on this link.

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