Pan card company name or website name check online – मेरा पैन कार्ड किस वेबसाइट या किस कंपनी से बना है कैसे पता करे


If you too can find out from which company’s website your PAN card is made, it does not make any sense to us, it is of no use to us, but when our PAN card is lost, then we When we download the pdf of pan card, then we need to know, as well as when reprinting your pan card and sending it again to the home address, it becomes necessary to know.

Such because when yes, we try to download from any such website, the website refuses to download or reprint, in such a situation, we can download only from that website, from which website we have created a new PAN card. , or the website from which correction was done last time, to find out from which website we applied for correction last bar or see below to check for new PAN card

Pan card company name or website name check online

Follow the below steps to check.

Step 1: Here enter your Aadhar card number which is linked with PAN card.
Step 2: After entering the 12 digit Aadhaar number, click on the Check Status button.
Step 3: Here it will tell that your PAN card is made from Aadhar card and it will also tell from which company your PAN card is made.

Important points to note :-

                          If your PAN card must have been made from the filing website ie the portal of Income Tax Department, then it will also tell, if you have made a new PAN card from UTI even once or if you have done PAN card correction, then only UTI will tell, if Later, after making PAN card from your UTI, correction will be taken from NSDL, even then UTIITSL will be found, so if your work is not done from UTI site, then you can check once by trying on NSDL, your work will be done, it will be done. If the website says that the server is down, then try again after a few hours, it will tell you which company’s website is made from the PAN card.
eFilling Website Link :
UTIITSL Website Link :

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