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If you think that a PAN card could be fake, you can verify its authenticity with the income tax department.

Banks and other organisations use bulk PAN verification facility to check whether your PAN card details are correct.

The PAN verification service, which can also be useful for individuals, is available on the income tax department’s website

Over there you will be asked to give details like PAN card number, full name of the PAN card holder, his or her date of birth and status (individual, HUF, company, association of persons, body of individuals, government, artificial judicial person, local authority, firm or trust).

It helps everyone else in finding out whether the PAN card is forged or not.

If you want to verify a PAN card’s authenticity, you can go to the department’s e-filing portal where, on the right hand side, you will find “Verify Your PAN Details”.

The portal will now display a message stating whether the details match with the PAN number or not.

Organisations like banks, offices or even government bodies which need to verify several PAN cards in bulk need to register themselves as Bulk PAN Verification Agency on the e-filing portal after which they can go to bulk PAN query and click on upload query in the specified format and then click on submit.

To see the details of any PAN card, follow the given steps

  1. Enter Your 10 Digit Pan Card Number click on “Search” Button.

2. Here the data is being shown according to the updated details on your PAN card.

The Income Tax Department also provides the facility of online PAN verification under which an individual or entity can know/verify the PAN. In order to verify the PAN, a user is required to log in at and navigate to ‘Profile Settings’ then ‘My Profile’ to view the details. Under this facility, PAN verification is screen-based, file-based and software (API, i.e.server to server talk) based.

For bulk PAN verification (for government and non-government agencies), a user can register as a bulk PAN verification agency at After registering, you can visit ‘Bulk PAN Query’ and click on ‘Upload Query’. The query should be uploaded in the specified format before submission. Obtain the token number generated after submitting the query. The status of the PAN uploaded through the query system will be displayed.

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