How to Fix Application/Coupon No, Not Found..

Application/Coupon No, Not Found..

If you are also seeing the error Application/Coupon No, Not Found while filling the PAN card form, then how can you fix this problem?

Today we are going to talk in this article that Application/Coupon No, Not Found, when this error comes, why it comes, how it can be fixed.

If you are also getting to see this type of application/coupon number, not found error while filling the PAN card correction form or new form, then you can follow the steps given below to solve this problem.

Application/Coupon Number Not Found The solution is given below

How to Fix Application/Coupon No, Not Found ?

If you are also getting Application/Coupon Number, Not Found error in UTIITSL PSA Website or UTI CSC ID, then you can follow the steps given below-

Step 1:- First of all you have to open the website from where you are applying for PAN card- like we are applying from this website then go to it website.

Step 2:- Now open the pean card form in which you are getting Fix Application/Coupon No, Not Found type of error.

coupon no found error

Step 3: – As soon as you fill the PAN card form completely and click on the submit button, you get to see Application/Coupon No, Not Found ERROR like this.


Step 4:- If we assume that UTIITSL PSA is coming due to unavailability of Coupon in PSA ID, then it may not be because our PSA ID is showing Coupon available with both Actual PAN Card and e-PAN: 1 .It means that UTI PSA ID has 1 Coupon, so Coupon cannot be the reason for this error.


Step 5:- To reach the root cause of Application/Coupon No, Not Found error, you need to check the entire PAN card properly, check if there is any file which has any name, address full of long characters, Everything may have been recorded in the same file box.

Step 6: – This is because every Filed Box has a Size Set, in which only 25 words can be filled, now if you fill more than this, it is not accepted, this problem is related to your Filed Address. .

Step 7:- As you can see, in our case, in the file box named building/village name the address is long filled, in this the house address is more than 25 characters, in the same file you have to make it a filed box Fill in Only 25 characters can be entered.


Step 8:- As we made a mistake in the building/village box in which we filled the address as long, now we have reduced it to less than 25 characters, now this form will be accepted.


Step 9:- As you can see the Receipt has appeared in front of us, as soon as you fill less than 25 characters and click on the submit button, the receipt will also appear in front of you.

In this way you can also solve your Application / Coupon No, Not Found.

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