AO Code Search By PAN Number – Find ao code using pan number

AO Code Search By PAN Number – Find ao code using pan number

If you also want to search AO Code of your city but there is no AO Code available in your city, then in such a situation how do you search for AO code from the PAN number of any of your family or relatives, so that we can get AO Code. I can get information that which AO code he has used, then we can also use it in our new PAN card without any problem.

Elements of an AO Code

There are officers assigned to each area to assess the taxation of the people in that areas. It is these officers who are identified by AO codes. A look at the table for the AO code, on Form 49A for new PAN Card, will show that it is formed through the combination of multiple elements. There are 4 elements that make up an AO code. They are:

  1. Area Code:For the purpose of identifying the geographic location of the individual or company, their area is assigned a code which is represented using 3 letters.
  2. AO Type:The type helps the tax department identify the type of PAN card holder as an individual or company or even a service personnel or a person who is not a resident of India.
  3. Range Type:Based on the actual address of the PAN card hold, they are assigned a Range Type which helps identify the ward or circle that they live in.
  4. AO Number:The AO number is a numerical value that is also published by NSDL and is the last part of the AO code.

Find ao code using pan number

To search AO code through PAN number, follow the steps given below

Step 1: Visit this link :

Step 2: Two two options are available here, one you can search by the name of your city, second you can check by entering the PAN number.

Step 3: To search by PAN number, click on the Click Here button in the Know ao code by pan no click here option.

Step 4: Here you have to enter your ten digit PAN number on AO Code Search by PAN CARD option and then click on Search and Code button.

Step 5: As you search by entering the PAN number, then the AO code that would have been used while creating this PAN card will be told, then you can also use it in any other new PAN card.

I want to tell you one thing clearly that the AO Code of any city is not permanent, this code keeps on getting healed in a few years, so whenever someone enters the AO Code, first check the AO Code on any form. Ga, then there will be no problem in using

Note: From here you will be able to check by entering PAN number only at office time, if you are checking by entering PAN number, no AO code is coming, then check after few hours, that too during the day at night, the server is down. lives

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